What is Dahua SmartPSS

Dahua SmartPSS is a full-featured video surveillance software which is used on Windows PC for a user who has installed Dahua DVR, NVR, XVR, IP Camera, video Intercom, Access Control System, etc. Dahua SmartPSS integrates all Dahua IP cameras and storage devices into the easy-to-navigate interface. Dahua SmartPSS provides device management, video monitoring and playback, alarm and analytic configuration, as well as video wall setup and preview. Here is a quick look at the features: 

  • Manage up to 256 Devices over a Maximum of 2000 Channels
  • Supports H.265 and H.264 Dual Video Compression Codecs
  • Live Video Monitoring and Playback
  • Configure Video Wall Layout and Scheme
  • Configure NVR Recording
  • PTZ Camera Control
  • Intelligent Video System (IVS) with People Counting and Heat Map
  • Manage Access, Video Intercom, and Time and Attendance Devices

How to Use Dahua SmartPSS on PC

1. Download the latest version of Dahua SmartPSS here. After that, install the software as follows.

2. After installation, click the icon to launch the SmartPSS.

3. You will be asked to enter password. Note that the password is only for the SmartPSS software (not for the Dahua NVR/XVR/IP Camera). So, feel free to set any password of your own as long as you remember it.

4. You will be asked to set answers to the security questions. The security question will be useful when you reset the password of the Dahua SmartPSS software (not the Dahua NVR/XVR/IP Camera). Please set your own answers and remember them.

5. Login the Dahua SmartPSS

6. Click “Add” to add the Dahua IP Camera/XVR/NVR to the SmartPSS software

7. Enter the required information. The serial number of the device can be found on the packaging box of your device, usually in the format of3D barcode. If you don’t have the packing box anymore, log in the Dahua Device via browser and get the serial number under “Setup” -> “Network” -> “P2P” or “Bonjour”. If you still have no idea on how to get your serial number, please contact your Dahua device vendor to get assistance.

8. If you can see the status of the device is “online”, it means you have successfully added the device to the SmartPSS. You can proceed now. Otherwise, please check your configuration information at step 7.

9. Click the “+” on the top tab, followed by “Live View” to watch the live view.

10. Double click the Dahua IP Camera/NVR/XVR to watch, now the live view should appear on the right.

11. To watch the video playback, click the “+” on the top tab, followed by “Playback”.

12. Select the camera which you want to watch the playback video. Also, select the record type and start and end time. After that, click “Search”. Now the playback video should appear.

13. If you want to change the password of the Dahua IP Camera/NVR/XVR, Click the “+” on the top tab, followed by “Device CFG”

14. Click “System” and follow instructions to modify the password. Do remember to update the new password at step 7 after you have successfully modified the password.

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